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Continent Tapes

A good idea or a good story begins always with beer!

Some years ago, there was a beer-festival in our hometown. Lot of different kind of international beer.. Summertime, we had our 6th beer and sat at a table to talked about the most important things in the world... "hm... this beer taste sweet.." "no. You are an idiot..." bla bla bla...

After this beer, we talked about a new compilation. And the continent tapes series was born. We wanted to make a compilation with bands from all over the world. But how? It seems, that it could be lot of work! (btw: YES IT IS!! -- and we love it)

So. It should be a compilation series. One release each continent.

No. 1 should be Europe and we started to wrote every country in a list and search the internet for bands.

That's the whole story. 

Continent Tapes Vol. I was released in 2018. 43 countries, 43 bands, 43 songs. 

Continent Tapes Vol II was released in June 2022. 

Vol. III is Oceania and could be released end of 2021... we will see.

Continent Tapes

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