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DSR027 // Little Brother -
Mehr Punk, Weniger Hölle

  • Bandcamp - Weiß, Kreis,
  • iTunes - Weiß, Kreis,
  • Spotify - Weiß, Kreis,

LITTLE BROTHER from Wegberg, Germany with their first full length on Dr. Skap Records. 

Scratched guitars and quirky guys. LITTLE BROTHER bring punk where nothing else grows. What else are you supposed to do when you're over 30? Somewhere between Angry Samoans and Pascow, they spend most of their time alone in the rehearsal room. But in 2023 everything will be better! They haven't given up yet. They declare war on hell out there. Their motto: More punk!

13 songs with german lyrics... 

Available on all digital platforms, CD and limited black Vinyl (200 copies)


You can listen and download this release here:

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