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Re-Press of the best German punk record of the last few years.

Abfukk - with people from Italian Stallion and Sniffing Glue - play grandiose 80s hardcore German punk with wit, anger and bite. After a demo, they released this LP on their own in 2010, the good piece was sold out in no time at all and now there's finally a follow-up.


Timeless 80s German punk, when the term "German punk" didn't stand for mostly low-level, embarrassing shit spiced with some '80s Washington D.C. hardcore. Provocation and aggression are the order of the day and everyone gets their fat off. Incredibly direct, banging trash hardcore punk songs, plus short, concise, pissy German lyrics. Far away from embarrassment and dullness, but with power, anger, irony and nostalgia, punched straight in the face without taking a breath, without thinking or wasting time. Abfukk do everything right, stand out from the big pot of the current 80s retro clones and deliver a wonderful compilation of hate, violence, anger and destruction - Hammerhead would turn pale with envy.

Abfukk - Asi Arrogant Abgewrackt

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