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Wonderfull anachronistic punk rock, which is based on the best times of German-speaking punk / new wave / NDW at the beginning of the 80s, perfectly catching the sound and feeling of that time and still coming across so damn honestly and authentically that it grabbed the mothball no one can blame.

Front have grown up and throw out 11 minimalist lofi trash songs on this album, which don't need to hide either musically or lyrically. Names like Male, Lunch Break or S.Y.P.H. continue to be the inspiration, without Front limiting themselves to this sound. The album ventures into the disco area, is danceable, catchy, gripping, melodic and yet never softened or smooth. Jagged, edgy anthems with a brittle bite. The lyrics are short, concise, sometimes slogan-like, but never stupid and fit perfectly. Peter Hein couldn't have done it better either. 11 original songs plus a cover version of the Male classic ?Risiko Faktor 1:X?

Front - Zur Lage der Automation

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