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DSR015 // All Aboard! - The Rules of Distraction

It’s the beginning of 2020 and boy, are we in for a surprise. The All Aboard! crew are ready to slowly call it quits after over 10 years with more than 200 shows on tours all over Europe. Families, careers, FIFA career mode – sometimes priorities change.

With the lockdown came time, way too much time, to reminisce and contemplate. Suddenly music was given a new importance and the band met each other almost daily in an attempt get at least something meaningful out of the whole situation.
Fragments of songs that had been floating around since the release of Aficionado in 2015 quickly became proper songs, new songs were written and arranged and suddenly a whole new album was ready to be recorded.

The Rules Of Distraction is an album that never was supposed to and then suddenly just had to happen. A record that nobody was waiting or asking for, but now also the album that would be sorely missed if it hadn’t happened, especially by the band themselves.

The album’s twelve tracks deal with deeply personal as well as important political topics, referencing pop culture and poetry. Its name is based on Bret Easton Ellis’ “The rules of attraction” (1987), Satisfiction contains a fragment of Irvine Welsh’s “Trainspotting” (1993), performed by James Hull of Apologies, I have None. The lyrics to Mouth Of The Shark (All Aboard?) are inspired by the refugee poetry by Abdel Wahab Latinos and Warsan Shire (“Home“). And obviously, no album is complete without a Simpsons reference (57 Walnut Street).

The album was produced by All Aboard! and Markus Roseneck, who also did most of the recording and mixing of the songs, both at nhb Studios in Hamburg. Drums and bass guitar were recorded by Christoph Seidel at 79 Sound Studio in Cologne and the album was mastered by Kai Beisner at nhb Studios, Hamburg.

“The Rules Of Distraction” will be released on May 21st 2021 on vinyl, cd and digital with Bakraufarfita Records, Dr. Skap Records (both EU) and Engineer Records (UK).

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