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DSR021 // Uli Sailor - Punkrock Piano Vol. I

The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter ULI SAILOR has played in punk, hardcore and indie bands (TUSQ, terror group, D-Sailors) all his life. In 2022 he will start as a solo artist on the piano. As a first step, he rearranged the songs of his youth for the piano and recorded them in the studio. Anyone expecting ballads here is wrong. The songs are fast and to the point and the piano goes straight ahead. He is supported in these 5 songs by Michael Schlücker on the cello, who excellently complements the sound.

The first single "Island of Shame" was released in January 2022 and is originally by Lagwagon.


Vol. I: in total 5 songs (Island of Shame, Linoleum, Bullion, Anti-Manifesto & You are (the Government))


This limited tape comes with a bonus track! (Mystery - Turnstile)


In collaboration with Intersphere Records!

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