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DSR022 // Handvoll Scherben - s/t

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HANDVOLL SCHERBEN is the soundtrack to the alienation and brutality of everyday life: raw, aggressive, gloomy.
The city is a mass grave, capitalism is the gravedigger. A melody makes its way through the street noise.
The guitar riffs set the direction like curbs. The lyrics cast everyday experiences in concrete. The voice wakes you up like two drunks arguing outside your window and reminds you that there is nothing wrong here. The bass thumps like passing trucks. Every snare hit like a slammed door, toms like boots on asphalt and cymbals like shattering windows.
And right in the middle is the human being: back against the wall, shards in hand.

With members of: When There Is None, Shards, Urban Rejects, The Lust For Life, Mexican Wolfboys...


You can listen and download this release here:

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