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Long-awaited second album from the new German punk / hardcore hopes of TWISTED CHORDS.
ABFUKK caused quite a stir with their debut "Asi.Arrogant.Abgewrackt" (2010) and co-wrote the soundtrack of a new generation of rebellious German-language punk rock, far removed from what is still known as "German punk" as a genre. T

he quintet, which also has SNIFFING GLUE personnel, quickly made a name for itself in the scene thanks to their permanent live presence and calm D.I.Y. attitude. No wonder that the follow-up "Bock Auf Stress" was eagerly awaited, and it's a matter of honor that the album title says it all again.

The guys from Wegberg present twelve new songs that are more old school hardcore than punk rock and, as hoped, get wild, rough, confrontational and straight to the point. Consistently continuing the path of the predecessor and lyrically without compromises, casual jogging pants attitude and street high school diploma meet a well-founded and critically negative attitude.

MATTHI (NASTY) and JOGGES (EMPOWERMENT) are on board as guest singers. "Bock Auf Stress" gets the absolute maximum out of clever German-speaking punk beyond the indie / hipster culture. Timelessly good and valuable.

Abfukk - Bock auf Stress

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