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"Millions of dead cops" is undisputedly the most legendary, important, style-defining and groundbreaking album by the US hardcore punk pioneers MDC around Dave Dictor.


Originally released in 1982 on R Radical Records and since then re-released worldwide in dozens of versions and formats.

The record was first released as a picture LP via Twisted Chords in 2003 and was a milestone for the label. Now, after various wanderings with American labels, the licenses are back and MDC is releasing the record again together with Twisted Chords. In the original artwork and mastering with additional inlay folder, download code and sticker. Dave Dictor remains active with MDC today, touring endlessly and still one of the most notable and committed political voices in US punk. Together with his friend Jello Biafra in constant opposition to the circumstances and currently present again with the anti-Trump version of the classic "Born to Die". "Millions of dead cops" is in line with the early albums by Dead Kennedys, DRI, Verbal Abuse and Reagan Youth and is still incredibly intense, radical and gripping almost 40 years after its creation. Released as a beautiful picture LP with inlay, cover sticker and download code.

MDC - Millions of Dead Cops (Pic. LP)

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