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Moloch from Berlin have released a lot since 2013: Tapes, 12″, 10″, 7″ and split singles with, among others, Tischlerei Lischitzki and Der feine Herr So-and-So.

So now another LP on vinyl. If you need that in numbers:

it's already the 4th album of the band. This time everything was taken up again in-house and refined by reliable hands. The sound is fresh and clearly Moloch. Et voilà: "Only moths call it light"! There are a few things to say again, of course. What is that? Give it a try, pear! Listening cannot be taken away from you now. But let me say this much: Bad times are bad times and there is simply nothing that can be sugarcoated about it. The facades of lightness are crumbling. Behind only nothing. One more eye, one tooth. And away. Robust, deep black. All-Consuming Darkness. What a juggernaut!

Moloch - Nur Motten nennen es Licht

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