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"We had to wait four years for the successor to "ScreamerSongwriter", the last STÖJ SNAK long player. However, the Danish singer/songwriter quartet was by no means idle and in the meantime they have released two video game soundtracks, an EP, a split EP with SPEED DINOSAURS and a few singles. STÖJ SNAK open their current album with "Reason to care", an a cappella track in the best Frank Turner or Tim Vantol manner, before "Trees" rumbles out of the speakers in a full band outfit with preferred uptempo.

Although STÖJ SNAK traditionally play mostly acoustic music, including double bass and washboard, they are still wilder, louder and more direct than most punk bands will ever be, and at the same time have a great feeling for melodies and catchiness. While "ScreamerSongwriter" was already an absolutely refreshing work in the outdated (folk) singer/songwriter landscape, the new album once again offers a great variety of emotions. As already mentioned, STÖJ SNAK are mostly loud, wild and dynamic, but they can also be very thoughtful, reserved and above all melodic.


To everyone who likes the musical combination of punk, folk and singer/songwriter: Do yourself a favor and listen to STÖJ SNAK!"

Stöj Snak - Life, Death and everything between

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