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The Italian Stallion was before Abfukk, 4 out of 5 participants are identical.


TIS existed from 2003 to 2008, during which time three singles were released (two on EA80-Martin's "Musikzimmer", one on the band's own Play to Destroy label), a demo and sampler contributions. After the cancellation of a European tour at short notice and before the recording of the first LP, the band broke up and shortly afterwards made a name for themselves as Abfukk with a new sound.


The wonderful, limited photo book with discography CD, which forms the basis for this LP, was published posthumously. All 45 songs TIS have ever recorded including unreleased material, sampler contributions and some covers, all on vinyl for the first time in years.
Italian Stallion were and are the kings of short, concise and energetic Thrash-Hardcore-Punk, rough lyrics with the heart in the right place and a horizon that is wide enough to be compared to the 80s hardcore greats of Black Flag & Co., on the other to use at Slime and GG Allin.
Few songs are longer than a minute, none manages to last more than two minutes and thus the tempo and intensity of the Wegbergers is clearly defined. In addition energetic and powerful live shows and with Marcel a great ramp pig without regard to losses.
Stop when you don't feel like it anymore and before you're out of breath and then just do something else: It couldn't be more sympathetic and consistent and that's exactly why TIS did everything right.

LP comes with 350g InsideOut cover, poster inlay including lyrics and download code.



The Italian Stallion - Death Before Discography

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