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New edition of the VIDRO / CANKRO - Split LP, which was originally released on tape for the 2019 Brazil tour and as a small Vinyl edition on BYLLEPEST a year later.

Both versions were sold out within a very short time, so it was time to press the whole thing as a larger edition.

It starts with VIDRO from Stockholm / Sweden and 6x angry mid-tempo punk rock with a slightly melancholic undertone and the pissed off vocals of Vendela.

On the other side of the split LP: Cankro from Sao Paulo / Brazil with her vinyl debut and 4x rough hardcore punk, which combines the best of classic Brazilian hardcore and the current raw punk and the whole thing with a few great guitar Solos enriches.


The record comes in a chic, rough 350g cover with inlay.


Kink Records

Vidro/Cankro - Split LP

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